Tuesday, June 5, 2012

L is for...Luke!


  1. The guys at work have been REAMING me on my values. I wanted to pass along some of the things they've mentioned.


    Basically, you want to lead the eye INTO a composition with value, reserving areas of strongest lights/darks/saturation for the focal (In this case, the lightsaber/face). I saw a missed opportunity to put Luke's lightsaber against a darker background (creating glowy contrast) and using it as a strong, practical lightsource on his face.

    This whole exercise has been a personal struggle of determining what's important in an image. What do I emphasize? What can be lost?

    Motherfuck, this is hard. This is SO HARD. But the voyage thus far has not been fruitless! I hope you can say the same.

  2. you said it. not fruitless in the least but still, FRIGGIN HARD! I totally see the missed opportunity to darken the background now that you mention it. coming back to this now, it's sticking out like a sore thumb.:( fuck.